POWERDECALS™ from Miele Sales and Service


Miele Sales and Service is pleased to offer one of the coolest, new products for your automobile. PowerDecals are a great way to showcase your favorite sports team, business, or company.


POWERDECAL™ is an innovative LED backlit logo for your vehicle. This decal lights up & glows at night, even through tinted windows and turns on and off automatically via sensor technology.

POWERDECAL™ Ordering Instructions

Click here to open or download an ordering form and select your desired POWERDECAL products (Minimum Order 24 units to receive wholesale pricing of $16.00 per unit). For your convenience, you can simply input the data directly to the pdf form and save or print the document.

After you have completed your order form, simply upload your completed order form to us for invoicing or send your completed order form to us with payment.